One More Chance Clinic - "Advising Your Dynamic Future"
                                                        ABOUT  US
One More Chance Clinic was developed in 2010 by
Mr. Stephvon "BO" Cook  and consist of a governing board of professionals ranging from Doctors to Social Workers
One More Chance Clinic acknowledged the need for a support group for ALL people who are dealing with life issues
 and have a desire to  discuss  complex issues of life 
without shame and fear.
1MCC challenges people to go deeper and to recognize behaviors that are hindering them  from living their best.
   One More Chance Clinic  nurtures a family style atmosphere  by:
  • Keeping the group size small for better relationship building and  listening
  • Classroom style learning
  • Traditional group processing
  • Outings and activities that promote family support, mental and emotional growth. 
"Don't be Afraid to Leap into Your New Season"


 About the Director

         Mr. Stephvon Bo"  Cook: BGSS,CMHC,CADC 
 is a graduate of the prestigious
Roosevelt University, Chicago Illinois.
Earning his degrees in Sociology studying the Institution of Manhood and his Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a Certified Chemical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Photo Courtesy of Nicci Briann

Mr. Stephvon " Bo" Cook  offers uplifting and inspirational advice  in these confusing times of  life, by facilitating  support  groups, individual sessions, lectures, consulting organizations, appearances on  radio and TV shows addressing   issues  that impact lives.
        Incarceration concerns         
  Sexual trauma
 Substance Abuse
      Anger Issues, 
                Sexuality Issues :Heterosexual LGTBQ, Trans gendered and MSM  concerns 
                                  Fears and Questions around the Institution of Manhood
Violence Against Self and Others

      Human trafficking/ Men and Women Prostitution

             Mr. Bo Addressing the many issues to the detainees of  Cook Count Jail                                                                                                    



                                                                                                                                                                       One More  Chance Clinic

 One More Chance Clinic  is  now meeting in the beautiful contemporary  GSC resource area at UIC  Room 183 


Year in Review 2017-18

  1MCC now meet by appointment for Life Advising and Counseling on the scheduled group days. This change helps to provide  personal time for individual sessions.

The UIC Gender Sexuality Center held its Lavender Graduation Ceremony and Mr. "Bo" Presented the 2nd Annual Hattie B. Woods Hayden Award in honor of his Mother who passed away of Cancer in 2012.

Two Students were presented with this honorary award. Mr. "Bo" also spoke to the audience on the importance of being your authentic self as you move forward in life with purpose, passion and power.
Mr. Bo with Interim Director of GSC and Recipients of the Hattie B. Hayden Award and Director of GSC

Mr. Bo speaks to the audience on Purpose,Passion and Power

Year in Review 2016-17

 Mr. Bo was honored in April 2017 at the UIC Gender and Sexuality Center’s Lavender Graduation ceremony. The Action Award recognizes outstanding members of the community who work closely with University of Illinois GSC Department, Students and Community to help spread the mission of GSC.

                                           Photos Courtesy of photographer Nicci Briann

Mr. Bo introduced the 1st Annual Hattie B. Woods Hayden Award. An award created to honor his Mother’s memory and legacy of love and vision. 
Three students were chosen as recipients of the Hattie B Hayden Award.

In May of 2017 Mr. Bo was seen on a popular TV show 60 minutes it captured 
Mr. Bo preparing to lecture and Counsel the detainees of Cook County Jail. 
                             ( click on episodes and then chose Cook County Jail )

                  Year in Review 2015-16
 Mr. Bo has had a busy 2015 summer Mr. Bo has been working with Inmates with mental  health and substance abuse issues in Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois.  He has a captive audience of 48 plus incarcerated men who hear him speak on men's issues that can help men live a clean and sober lifestyle.

 Mr. Bo's tier  that he calls his office, where 48 men live daily were seen on Anderson Cooper 360 in a segment with Sheriff Tom Dart speaking on Mental Health and Cook  County jail.

Mr. Bo's tier of Men was also featured on a segment with Vice News speaking with Sheriff Tom Dart about Institutionalized  Mental Health Behind Bars  


  If you look close enough you will  see Mr. Bo tier's 
and him sporting a beard 5:50 to 7:00 minutes.

All of Mr.  Bo's caring and  hard work was topped off with a visit to the tier by Chicago's Archbishop Blase Cupich which was a wonderful surprised to  have the guys to be prayed for and prayed with and the tier be  Blessed.

                           Sheriff Tom Dart and Archbishop Cupich visit Mr. Bo"s Therapeutic tier 

         Mr. Bo was also featured  in August issue of Modern health Care Magazine 2015.
 In the Article its speaks of Mental health challenges that men face who  are impacted with incarceration and substance abuse issue.

                      Mr. Bo Conducting Psych- Educational Group Therapy at Cook County jail with Detainees


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