One More Chance Clinic - "Advising Your Dynamic Future"
             One More Chance Clinic
                                             One More Chance
is a Grass root organization that  is committed
 to providing educational and  motivational group counseling
 to all people regardless of
race ,creed, color, sexuality and sexual preference.
One More Chance Clinic  
prides its self on having a creative and new  support group for individuals who may be struggling with
addictions,  insecurities, sexuality issues and life trauma.

One More Chance Clinic 
understands the pressures of life, the isolation and the loneliness
  that people can feel. We are here to help with Personalized Life Consulting and Support Group Therapy


   One  More Chance Clinic
here for You!

          One More Chance Clinic utilizes universal principles of spirituality,
providing therapeutic interactive discussions
       about life issues 
            One More Chance Clinic  believes people deserve One More Chance
      to grab life's beauty and joy and  to walk in
 these Blessings free from Bondage.
1MCC offers practical tools  and information 
to help you  live a     
        Joyous, abundant and peaceful life.         


               You are Invited!
                                                    Time: 5:00 pm till 7 pm
                                                          Space is limited

One More Chance Clinic
Meets on the beautiful campus
  University of  Illinois of  Chicago ( UIC) located
Near West Side of Downtown Chicago.
              Group meetings 2018-19 schedule

Sept:  11th, &  25th ,2018

Oct: 9th  &  23rd,2018

Nov: 6th,& 20th ,2018

Winter break: Have a Happy New Year!
                                                 Jan: 8th, & 22nd,2019

Feb: 5th & 19th 2019

March: 5th & 19th,2019

April: 9th & 23th,2019

                 Summer Break: Be safe and have some fun!

 Groups  are subject to  cancellation  due to Counselor 's discretion if weather conditions  and /or participation may not warrant a group meeting

Where: UIC campus (Corner of 
                Morgan & Harrison)
Place: 1007 ( BSB)  Behavior Science Building
 Area to meet: (GSC Center)  

                          More info  please contact
                  One More Chance Clinic,  P.O. Box 803443,  Chicago, Ill 60680  

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